3 Tips for Easy Elvanto Syncing

One of the benefits of using the Safe Ministry Check system is our integration with Elvanto. Whilst we are working on integration with other church database platforms, we thought we would give you some quick tips about how to make your Safe Ministry Check & Elvanto syncing great.

#1: Check the Basics

For most issues we come across at Safe Ministry Check, there are usually simple solutions. Whether it’s a quick refresh, or fixing a simple typo in a person’s middle name, there are usually simple solutions to most hurdles. And for Elvanto syncing, this can, at times, be the same.

If you come across an Elvanto syncing issue, one of the best things to do is make sure you’re set up right. When initially looking for ways to fix problems, make sure you take a look at the Elvanto syncing page on your dashboard under the settings tab. It’s important that you have all the fields set up correctly to make sure they’re syncing to the right places.

Whilst it might be easy to think things are more complicated than a few clicks, some issues are usually one simple solution away from being resolved. If you’re looking for more information on how to set up Elvanto syncing, have a watch of this video (sneakily made under our old name!) and you’ll be a genius at it in no time.

#2: One Group Per Person

With the Safe Ministry Check system, you have the ability to give people varying degrees of training according to their role within your church. If someone is leading a team or bible study, or if they’re an elder in your church, then they will need to be set up for a particular training level.

Our system will give people all the training up to their level. If they’re a supervisor, they’ll do the members awareness course, as well as the leaders/volunteers course before their supervisors level course. This means that they only need to be put into the highest level of Elvanto group they’d be considered a part of. If they’re an elder, they only need to be in the Elder group, same for supervisors in the supervisors group, and so on and so forth.

If you have people in two or more groups, this can sometimes cause issues by creating multiple people in your dashboard. This isn’t a huge issue, but something to worth noting in case multiples of people show up on your system. All you’ll need to do is remove them from the unnecessary Elvanto groups. There’s no need to worry about only having them in one group though, because they’ll still get all the necessary training and checking for their level.

#3: Update SMC, not Elvanto

Whilst there is two way communication between Safe Ministry Check and Elvanto, it’s always best to update people’s Safe Ministry information in Safe Ministry Check. This data will be pushed back to Elvanto, which means that if you’ve changed something in Elvanto, you run the risk of having it wiped by our system.

There are lots of things you can adjust in the Safe Ministry Check system. All you need to do is go to each person’s profile and adjust the information you need changed. This will mean that when you go to a person’s profile in elvanto, their Safe Ministry Check data will be there for you to look at and react to accordingly.

If you need a hand with setting up your Elvanto syncing or have any questions about how it works, feel free to get in contact through our website.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash