A new pricing structure to help churches embed a safe culture and ensure compliance

You may have noticed some changes to our website over the past few weeks as we’ve begun changing our name and branding to the new ‘Safe Ministry Check’. We’ve been blown away by how much church members and church leaders have loved our service, and we’re excited to keep developing it to offer more.

One of the pieces of the puzzle we’re really keen to improve is the pricing – which we think has been overly complicated. We’ve decided we want to make it simpler and cheaper. But the big difference is we want to stop charging people for doing individual courses, and build our charges around the amazing screening features we’re offering. So here’s the new pricing plan…

If you have under 5 people… 

  • It’s FREE.
    If you’re a small church with only a few leaders, or you’re just checking us out, you can have access to all the features and all the courses for up to 5 people. Go for it!

If you have more than 5 people… 

  • Establish everyone at church with Awareness Training for just $5.99pm
    You can invite EVERYONE to do the Awareness Course – on their own or in groups – for just one low monthly price. This establishes a safe culture in your church, and it also acts as the foundation for the other training courses.
  • Train + Screen your Leaders for just $0.39 per person pm
    All the courses, all the screening features, all the automation, all the confidence from knowing you’ve got your house in order. Our system will tell you when they’re nearing expiry, when their WWCC or Bluecard has failed, or when their referee hasn’t responded. (One-off Australian Police Checks for paid staff incur a $49 processing fee).
  • Sync with Elvanto (and other Church Management tools) for just $4.99pm
    Ensure your day-to-day church management tool is always up to date with the most accurate Screening and Training compliance data straight from your Safe Ministry Check account.

We’ve run the numbers and this ends up being far cheaper for churches that are trying to ensure all their volunteers have been trained and got the certification checks they need. For example, at present, it costs more than $7 per Leader + the $259 subscription every year. Now it will be $4.68 per Leader + $72 for access to the Awareness Courses every year. That’s a big drop in price.

What the new “Culture and Compliance Plan” looks like in a nutshell…

Unlimited Awareness Training

For everyone in your church community

Put everyone through the Awareness Course

Ability to run the Awareness Course in small groups

Ensure everyone has a access to your Safe Ministry Policy

Ensure everyone knows who to speak to if they have a concern about someone’s safety

Establish a safe culture across your church


/ month

Essential Screening & Training

For your volunteers, leaders, staff and board

Includes full access to all the online training courses

Utilise all the screening features to ensure your staff & volunteers are compliant

Automated Referee checks, WWCC/Bluecard checks, Personal Disclosure and Code of Conduct record signing

Get alerts when people are nearing expiry or if there are issues flagged

Ensure you’re compliant & safeguarding vulnerable people

$0.39 p/person

/ month

Other costs that might apply (depending on your organisation)..

  • Police Check processing fee: $49 per check
    Insurance policies require that all paid staff have had a police check. Our system can include that process seamlessly as your staff go their their standard training.
  • Church Management Tool Syncing : $4.99 per month
    We’ve worked really hard to enable syncing with tools like Elvanto so you can have the confidence that your church team has access to the most up-to-date data about people’s screening and training. And we’re looking to begin integration with other tools asap.

Some questions you might have…

Q: When can we access these lower prices?
A: Soon! When the new pricing plan is available, you’ll be able to change to the new plan by going to Dashboard > Billing and selecting the new pricing model. If you haven’t changed in a few months, we will have to roll you over to the new plan manually. (Current churches with 5 people or less will be automatically moved across to the free plan).

Q: What if I’ve just paid my annual subscription?
A: Don’t worry, we’ll calculate how much of your annual subscription you’ve used and we’ll credit that to your account.

Q: What about discounts for Ansvar Customers?
A: This new lower price plan will be made available to everyone, regardless of whether they’re a current Ansvar Insurance Client or not. Together with Ansvar Risk we decided to simplify the pricing structure and allow all churches and organisations to benefit from the support and wisdom that Ansvar has provided in partnering with this system.
However, there are plans to offer other benefits to Ansvar customers who use Safe Ministry Check, so stay posted.

Q: Why can’t we just pay to do the courses?
A: This is a common question – and it usually stems from an old idea that “safe ministry” is just about training people who work with kids. But that’s a big misunderstanding! Churches need to meet various levels of compliance, and seek to develop a culture that safeguards vulnerable people (not just kids!). So there’s…

  • Legal compliance; Churches are legally required to record people’s WWCC/Bluecard details, and that you’ve verified them online, and that you’ve got a record of when you verified them and what the result was.
  • Insurance compliance; Insurance companies require churches to do all the following screening checks for all volunteers and staff…
    • Record a personal disclosure statement of any previous accusations
    • Perform two referee checks, where one must be a person from outside the church/organisation
    • Ensure they have a copy of your churches Safe Ministry Policy
    • Ensure they have signed a copy of the Code of Conduct
    • Ensure they have been trained in how to safeguard vulnerable people and report any concerns of risks and/or abuse
    • Perform a Police Check on any organisation employee

Q: What about churches who require their volunteers to pay for their own training courses?
A: Since we’re moving away from charging on a per-course basis, this will no longer be an option in the new payment plans.

We’re really excited about this new phase, and the role we are able to play in safeguarding vulnerable people by helping churches and faith organisations establish safe cultures. If you have feedback on these plans or any questions, please contact us.