Automatic Emails for Training Reminders

We are determined to make keeping your people trained, screened and verified as easy as possible.  We’ve seen that finding expired trainees and inviting each individual to re-train can be a time consuming administration task that churches just don’t have time for! Safe Ministry Check can do the work for you and send automatic training reminders  to your trainees who need to refresh their training. 

To set this up, go the ‘General Settings’ page, and set the ‘Automatically email people and invite them to re-train when their training expires?’ option to yes. Safe Ministry Check will regularly check your trainees’ status and automatically send an invitation-to-train email as soon as their training expires.  We will only send the email once, we don’t want to flood your inboxes! By setting up the automatic invitations you can be confident that your trainees will always know when they need to update their training. 

In these settings you can also select how long someone’s training should remain valid for – 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.