Automatic WWCC Verification Blocked by the Office of the Children’s Guardian

While we were still thanking God for the new partnership with Ansvar, we discovered that the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian has blocked all automatic verification processes – including ours. This means that NSW Churches will need to manually verify their worker’s WWCC Number and Status.

We had previously been informed that the Office of the Children’s Guardian was tolerant of our automatic verification tool, however it seems they’ve decided that manual verification is the only method they want organisations to perform.

I have been in communication with the OOCG and tried to negotiate a solution, but they have been adamant about this step.

We are working on a tool that will help NSW Churches perform their verifications online with the utmost ease. The plan is that, from the Safe Ministry Training Administration Tool, churches will be able to initiate an “online verification” that should be able to log-in to the WWCC Website, and enter all the details of Leaders who need the check. But the Church Administrator will need to manually click “verify” and record the responses.

This has been a devastating blow for our team, and we’d appreciate your prayers that the automatic verification process would be made available in the future.