Caring For All, All the Time

Corona Virus and COVID-19 are set to be the words that the year 2020 is known by. With fears of safety for people from all walks of life, it’s been devastating to watch the impact that this disease has had all across the globe.

And the big question churches all across Australia have been asking is this;

“How do we keep our members and our community safe? How can we best look after those around us?”

It’s great to see the deep rooted concern that churches have for their members, as well as those who might be visiting from the local community. This desire to see people looked after and cared for is one of the things that drives Safe Ministry Check. We desire to see churches take as much care as they can to make sure their members are safe.

But safety isn’t just about avoiding disease, is it? Keeping people safe means doing everything you’re required to do to, like making sure buildings are structurally sound, removing trip hazards from walking areas, and making sure you’re compliant with fire regulations.

So how are you making sure your church is doing everything it can to establish and embed a safe culture?

At Safe Ministry Check, our goal is to help you do this by equipping you with the right tool for the job. Safe Ministry Check asks all the necessary questions, does all the necessary checks, and provides all the necessary training so that your members are checked and trained for the safety of others. It’s about keeping people safe by doing what you can to screen and train for a safe church.

Our Members Awareness Course is designed so that everyone in your church is on board with creating a safe culture. And if you’re on our Culture & Compliance plan, members do their training free.

So how will you make sure your church is doing everything it can to be safe?

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)