Why You Should Add Our Badge to Your Website

1. Community Relationships

Your church website is one of the primary ways you communicate to your local community what you believe and do. Show your community you take their safety seriously by publicly declaring that volunteers in your church are screened and trained in safe ministry practices.

2. Building Culture & Clear Communication

Putting our badge on your website demonstrates to your church that safe ministry really matters to you. It also gives your members clarity. There are lots of training providers out there and sometimes members will get confused about where they are supposed to complete their training and screening. Putting our badge on your website makes it really easy for your members to access their training.

3. Compliance

Putting the Safe Ministry Check badge on your church website helps you fulfil the first principle of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Principle 1 is: ‘Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in organisational leadership, governance and culture.‘ And the first action area for this principle is: ‘The organisation makes a public commitment to child safety.

Putting the Safe Ministry Check badge on your church website is a public declaration of your commitment to child safety, making it a really easy way to tick off another aspect of compliance.

How to:

To put our Badge of Certification on your website, go to the General Settings in your Safe Ministry Account. On the bottom of that page you should see the following:

Badge of Certification

Use the url below on your website to show that your ministry is serious about creating a culture of safeguarding and proper screening. (You can set the text colour with the “c” argument at the end of url).

This is then followed by a unique URL for your organisation. Your website guys should know where to go from here!

If you need any help with setting this up, please get in contact by calling 0431484721, or emailing support@safeministrycheck.com.au