Have you tried doing the Awareness Course in small groups?

The people behind Safe Ministry Check are all involved in churches and we get it,  gathering big groups of people is hard work and getting lots of individuals to complete a task can be difficult too.  One of our aims at Safe Ministry Check is to give you the flexibility to reach more of your people with effective, consistent training to help establish a safe ministry culture at your church.  

Lots of people love being able to complete their training at a time and place convenient to them, using technology they are familiar with.  But we know there will be people who do not have the time, capacity or technology available to them to complete their training. There are others who just love to learn with people around and like to talk ideas though as they hear them.  

The Awareness Course is designed to serve all these people and more. In a small group you can show the Awareness Course training videos to the trainees who can then discuss the content after each section and complete the training together.  To set up small group training, simply send a training invite to yourself or the leader of the group and log in.  From the courses page you can choose to do the Awareness Course as a group.  Add the rest of the group members names to the group training page and you are ready to go.

This a great course for all the adults in your church to complete, whether they are working with children or not. You could ask all your weekly small groups to complete this training as part of their yearly schedule.  

“Doing the Safe Ministry Awareness Course as a group is a great way to affect the culture of a group.  As we learn and discuss the material we all develop our understanding together.” Andrew Horsfield – Safe Ministry Contact at Hunter Bible Church