How can you use online training as part of a team meeting?

As churches we are used to gathering people, its at the core of what we do.  So our instinct when we are leading a team to do ministry is to gather them. A really common question we hear is: ‘how do the Safe Ministry Check videos fit into this context?’

Using online training videos has lots of benefits.  You can be confident that everyone is getting the same information, there is flexibility for people to complete the training at a time convenient to them and all the online tools that make verification and record keeping achievable.

If all your team have completed their online training before you meet to plan your ministry activities, your whole team will have safe ministry principles in mind and can put these into practice as you plan.  If you want to run more safe ministry training at your team event you could run some role play scenarios with your team to practice how to respond to someone making a report of a concern or lead a discussion in response to the training in the videos.

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