How can you use Safe Ministry Check as you invite people to join you in ministry?

Inviting someone onto your ministry team, to volunteer their time and work alongside you, is a joy and hard work at the same time.  It is wonderful to see someone grow in their desire to serve and help build up the church but there are often many hurdles to leap before someone will commit to joining a team.  One way of inviting people to serve could start with the Safe Ministry Check courses.  When your trainee has completed the courses you have a great opportunity to sit with them and reflect on safety in ministry, loving and serving the people in your church and the opportunities they have to serve.

Using the Safe Ministry Check course at the beginning of the process helps you and your trainee to have shared expectations around safe ministry and will get them thinking about how and why we value safety in our churches.  Clear expectations of how and why you do ministry within the church will help both you and your people as you work out how to work together.  Putting safety at the beginning of the conversation rather than at the end helps you both embed safety into the way you think about serving and how you plan to do the serving.

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