Merge Duplicate Trainees, Archive Trainees, and Delete Trainees

You are able to archive trainees who are no longer at your church or organisation, just click the little file box next to their name when you are on the trainee list screen.  Their details will be moved to an archived list that you will be able to access through the search trainees feature.

To delete a trainee, you must first archive them. Then find them in the archived list, and click the little trashcan icon next to their name, the system will ask you to confirm that you want to delete this person, as this action cannot be undone. Please note that if you ever want to access someone’s information in the future, you will need to leave them archived and not delete their account. 

To merge duplicate records for the same trainee, go to the trainee list page and choose ‘Duplicates’ from the menu on the left.  You will be shown all the possible duplicate entries and asked if you would like to merge them.