Release Notes – Apr 2019

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes updates going on. Over the next few months we’re working towards a better distinction between people who only need to do the Awareness Training and people who need to do the Leaders Training and above.

  • Improved Group Registration page for Awareness Course
  • Improved the Status Checking algorithm (now using “State Machine” logic) – some accounts may notice some slight changes in trainee’s status
  • Fixed bug where u18 WWCC date was appearing
  • Fixed bug where action feedback wasn’t appearing in People List page
  • Fixed bug where 1st referee’s details were being stored in the event log when the 2nd referee responded
  • Improved usability of “Send Training Invite” page
  • Added ability to record when someone has completed the training, and whether it was an external course or a Safe Ministry Training course
  • Fixed bug where Previous Experience field would not allow punctuation
  • Fixed bug where current admin page wasn’t highlighted in the menu
  • Fixed Elvanto syncing bug where Elvanto and SMT would get caught in a loop editing the other’s date of birth field
  • Fixed Elvanto syncing bug where church accounts would lose their Elvanto access permissions
  • Fixed billing bug that charged duplicate subscription fee for new churches
  • Improved People List search feature to include extra search criteria and sorting capabilities
  • Improved various browsers compatibility

Always keen to hear your suggestions for other fixes or features!.