Safe Ministry During A COVID Christmas

Yes, it’s begun. Nordman fir trees are officially on display in shopping centres. Carols are playing over speakers in public places. We’ve even heard rumours that hot cross bun mix is ready to go for Easter. It all means that Christmas is right around the corner!

For what is meant to be a relaxing, stress free time of year, for a lot of us it’s the opposite. There are church gifts to buy, services to organise, sermons to write, dinners and lunches to attend, and all of it with a big question looming; “How do we do Christmas during COVID?”

Safe Ministry Check wants to make sure that a safe culture is maintained and grown during this busy time, so we’ve put together some of our current resources to help you get the most out of our system without hours and hours of hassle and effort.

Safe Ministry Admins 1 Hour Weekly Check Up

This blog post is your one stop shop to making sure you keep on top of your safe ministry responsibilities with as little time wastage as possible. We’ve found that if you repeat this process once a week, you’ll save even more time maintaining the dashboard and keeping people up to date.

The Complete Elvanto Syncing Set Up Guide

Take the hassle out of putting people onto the system by setting up your Elvanto syncing. If you’re not using Elvanto as your church management software, that’s ok! If you are using Elvanto, then why not set up syncing. It will give you more time for other things by reducing the administration process of adding people into the system.

3 Super Quick Reasons to Do Your Safe Ministry Check Training Right Now

It’s our shortest blog post ever. Send this out to those of your trainees who haven’t completed their training to remind them that SMC training is fast, online, and important.

Direct Debit: Available From The Dashboard

Paying invoices takes time away from other things. Setting up payment via direct debit or credit card is an easy way to tick a task off your list every month without doing anything.

SMC Support Now Taking Bookings for System Training

One way to reduce stress and confusion is to get training. Why not book in a time with us to go through the Safe Ministry Check system and answer any questions you might have? We’re here to make sure you’re well equipped for safe ministry and to make sure you’ve got things set up right.

Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash