Set Types of Members

It’s been a while in the process but we have now started to allow organisations to specify whether a trainee should do the awareness course, or the leaders course, or the supervisors course.

Not only does this bring in a new suite of functionality to the tool, but it also affects the way each person is screened. For example someone who is a member needs to complete the members awareness course before they can be ticked off as cleared. They will remain marked as cleared while they keep their training up to date making sure they do a refresher course within the required time limit.

On the other hand, if someone is recorded as a volunteer or leader then they will not be cleared until they have completed the leaders course. Even if they have completed one of the other courses if they haven’t completed the leaders course they won’t be marked as cleared since this is a requirement of them being a leader.

You can see which of your people are leaders and members and supervisors by clicking the tab at the top of the people list page.

If you want to change the trainee type for a trainee just go to the general details page and select from the drop down list at the top. However if you’re using Elvanto the Trainee type will be dictated by the Elvanto Group you have set. When you change their Elvanto group their Trainee type will be changed in Safe Ministry Training too.