Updated Documents and NSW WWCC verification progress.

Safe Ministry Training is more than just training videos, we offer a complete solution to managing safety in your church. By following the Safe Ministry Policy and using the Safe Ministry Code of Conduct you are reducing the risk of harm in your church as well as reflecting the National Statement of Principles for Child Safe Organisations. We have been working with Ansvar Risk Solutions to refine our Safe Ministry Policy and Code of Conduct documents. The new documents are endorsed by Ansvar and written by experienced church leaders to make sure that they are effective and practical. An updated Issues Management Process will be available soon too.

“SafeMinistryTraining.com.au has worked very hard to offer churches outstanding policies and training that reflect exactly what we’re looking for when churches come to us for insurance. This is great stuff.” – Neil Bull, Former General Manager EA Insurance

Our team are working on a solution to streamline the process for verifying WWCC numbers in NSW within the constraints of the Office of the Children’s Guardian. We are committed to providing you with a fully automated process for verification of WWCC numbers within the Safe Ministry Training dashboard and will be implementing this new solution soon.