Updates and Improvements – May ’19

In the past month, we’ve kept coding in several improvements and features to the Safe Ministry Training system…

  • Improved the Dashboard news to display most recent (and significant) event for each person
  • Fixed issue where WWCC Expiry date would ask for year first
  • Improved the front-end landing page and included prices there
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes
  • Improved Elvanto matching to prefer matching mobile number and email address before matching last name and email address (this should reduce some confusion when a married couple use the same email address and get synced to the wrong person)
    And improved the Elvanto People Matching page to be more usable and informative (including feedback when a match is created or removed)
  • Added the ability for denominations to setup their own sub-domain for their church’s unique urls and site branding
  • Moved the working with Children Screening questions to a separate page in the Leaders Course process
  • Fixed an issue where requesting a re-check of a WWCC status did not update the trainee’s details and status immediately.
  • Added feature to allow admins to records notes about trainees across all trainee pages
  • Added ability for trainees to provide feedback on the courses after completion
  • Fixed issue where apostrophes we’re being allowed in Leader’s previous experience section