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The Basics

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to ensuring your ministry is Safe. There’s the Working with Children Checks, Providing Training, Screening your leaders, not to mention the paperwork… Policies, Procedures, Insurance. Let us walk you through it…

What the Law requires

When it comes to making sure your ministry organisation is “legal”, it’s an important first step. But remember… it takes more than being “legal” to be “safe”. The things your …

What your Insurance requires

There’s a lot of voices around trying to tell churches what they “have to” do. One of the problems however is working out whether something is a “must do”, a …

Your step by step intro to being a safe ministry

To be an organisation that is legal, insurable and most of all, safe… this is what you’ll need… Establish a Safe Ministry Policy and a Response Process for your organisation …

Establish a safe culture through automated screening and online courses

Great features for a low cost

New Pricing Plans

Other safe ministry programs can cost more than $60 per person, plus added annual church costs like materials, subscriptions and presenter fees. But we want to make it easy for churches to get people trained and start serving in their churches. Our prices start low, and even go lower if you’re part of a larger church…

First 5 free
Go on... jump in and create a free account now and your first five people can get trained and screened for FREE!
$ 5.99 pm
Access to unlimited training for everyone in your church; from the pew sitter to the senior pastor. We have no added costs for training so you can do as much as you like.
$ 0.39 pp/pm
for everyone in the Leader, Supervisor, or Board Member category. Member's are free! We only charge to keep our screening data safe and up to date.

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