At Safe Ministry Check, we’re passionate about helping ministry organisations ensure their communities are safe through providing an effective and comprehensive online system for training, screening and compliance.

We believe every person who is part of a faith organisation plays an important role in safeguarding the vulnerable people around them.

We believe that the most effective training courses are ones that give people a sense of purpose and hope in the part they can play in safeguarding their community. Plus, we think people are more likely to pay attention when these courses are short, clear and aimed at their particular role.

We believe that meeting the compliance standards set by the Federal and state governments and other bodies is an important baseline for organisations to strive for. We know that compliance is not the same as culture, but it’s an important place to start and it’s important that all our organisations protect themselves by meeting those compliance standards all the time, every time.

We believe that, while the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults must be a priority for faith organisations, it can also quickly become an unmanageable administrative workload that can put the purpose of faith organisations at risk. We are committed to providing effective and efficient solutions to groups to minimise the effort, while increasing the effectiveness of their safeguarding processes. 

We believe that our role is primarily one of supporting and helping faith organisations to take responsibility for their own communities. We always want to be a help to what the organisation decides to do and not end up doing it for them.

The Safe Ministry Check Trustees

Safe Ministry Check is managed by the directors of The Safe Ministry Group Ltd. which aims to promote safe cultures for vulnerable people within faith-based organisations.

David Moore, Executive Director
Melia Barrie, Director
Ray Palmer, Director
Emma-Lee Scott, Director

Partnership with Ansvar Risk

Ansvar has a long and proud tradition of providing specialist insurance solutions to the Australian Faith community. They are the major insurance underwriter for many Australian churches, and they understand that the most important aspect of any safe ministry training program is that it impacts an organisation’s culture. Therefore such training needs to be accessible, positive and engaging.

Safe Ministry Check has worked together with Ansvar Risk to help create a product for churches and ministry organisations that allows for the development of safe cultures whilst also meeting the compliance requirements of faith-based insurance.