Priced to give you peace of mind

There are other great groups out there, and we’re all working to help churches look after vulnerable people.

We think transparency is important, so we’ve gathered the features and costs from a few similar groups to help you determine what best suits your needs.

But we do think we offer more… for less.

Awareness training for general members
Tailor the course details to your organisation1
Courses include screening questions
Automatic referee checks (via email)
Automatic WWCC verification2
Endorsed by Ansvar Insurance
Ability to sync with ChMS (e.g. Elvanto)
Courses 100% online & in your own time * *
Different levels of volunteer training#
Auto reminder emails when training expires
Duration of avg. volunteer course 45m +2.5h +2.5h +6h
Estimated Cost p.a.
(for a church of 150 people3)

1. Courses provide trainees with your organisation’s policies, processes and Safe Ministry Contact details
2. WWCC verification only avail. in WA, QLD, VIC, NSW, TAS.
3. Estimated costs assume 75 volunteers (15 new, 60 refreshers) who require training every 12 months. (PSU rates as per ‘other denomination’ costs)
* PSU and ChildSafe courses require participants to attend a live webinar at set times
# PSU courses offer some variation; a course for 13-18 year olds, and a refresher course.

Safeguarding matters more than the price

We might look cheaper than other options, but we’re committed to helping faith organisations take the necessary steps to safeguard vulnerable people.

Please check us out.

You can create a free account and get 5 of your key leaders trained and screened right away… all free.

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