How to: Understand the Screening Status Page

The screening status page is your key to understanding where a trainee is up to in their training and screening process.

To access this page on a trainee’s profile, log into the administration portal and navigate to the People List. To view the details of a trainee’s screening status, you can either:

  • Click on their name and navigate to the Screening Status page from the left-hand menu; or
  • Click on their screening status directly from the People List.

Hovering over their screening status when they are ‘Pending’ or in ‘Error’ will give you a quick summary of what’s going on.

On the Screening Status page, you can see whether a trainee is Cleared, Pending, or Error and why. This page also works as a quick overview of their screening data.

In the example above, John is pending because he is waiting for a referee to respond and his WWCC clearance.

If you have any questions about the Screening Status page, please get in touch with us by emailing