Small groups are a great place to discuss safety at church. We encourage small group members to care for one another as they study the bible and pray together and looking out for each others safety is a natural part of that care.

Getting small group members awareness training up and running is quick and simple.

  1. Send an invitation to train to all your small group leaders in an email asking them to take their group through the Members Awareness Training.
  2. The leader will log into their Safe Ministry Training profile and click on “go to the training”
  3. On the available courses page they can select the do training as a group option in the Members Awareness Training box.
  4. Add all the names, mobiles and emails of the group members who will be doing the course and click the green button.
  5. Once the training starts you’ll be asked to watch a video together and then discuss the questions at the end. Once the leader is satisfied that the group has understood the content you can move on.

You can use the discussion questions on screen or print out paper copies here