To be an organisation that is legal, insurable and most of all, safe… this is what you’ll need…

  1. Establish a Safe Ministry Policy and a Response Process for your organisation
    1. Easiest option: Download the Example Policy and Process from us, and just insert your church name and upload them to your website or somewhere online.
    2. Appoint at least 2 people who will be your organisation’s “Safe Ministry Supervisors”. These are the people who will respond when someone raises a concern or an suspicion of abuse.
  2. Screen, Train and Verify all your volunteers.
    Sounds big? Don’t worry, that’s what Safe Ministry Check does for you.

    1. Create an account for your church here
    2. Enter the url for your Policy, and your Safe Ministry Supervisor’s contact details (any other details)
    3. Send email invites to your volunteers asking them to do the training online. (If you don’t want them to pay for their own training, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account).
  3. Watch as your Volunteers get automatically reference checked and WWC checked.
    1. As your volunteers complete the training, you’ll get an email with a summary.
    2. If something doesn’t seem right, you’ll need to check it out… it might be a misspelt option or someone needs to use their maiden name.
  4. Review and re-establish the policy every 12-24 months. Have people re-do the training every 24-36 months. Keep talking about making sure your organisation should be a safe place for everyone.