Automatic Working with Children Checks

Why do Working With Children Checks?

All states and territories in Australia require all people working with children and young people to have a current working with children check.  Before anyone starts working with children your organisation will need to verify that they have a current working with children check number and are cleared to do child related work. This is important since it’s illegal to engage someone in child-related work if they are not cleared to do so.


How Safe Ministry Training does this for you…

Safe Ministry Training asks everyone completing the leadership training to enter their WWCC number and then automatically verifies this number with the relevant state authority.  Once the WWCC has been verified your trainees record will be kept in your online dashboard and you will receive emails updating you on the progress of your trainees and Safe Ministry Training can even let you know if their WWCC is about to expire.  Automating this process will save you time and ensure that you always have up to date records of your leaders WWCCs.