How to Conduct Group Training

A quick How-To Guide on how to host group training for your organisation.

Our members’ awareness course is the only training we offer that is designed to be completed in a group format.

To conduct the member awareness training in a group setting, login to your trainee portal using your organisations training URL. Once logged in, navigate to the bottom of the page to the section labeled ‘Other Actions’ where you can access both the Member Awareness (Group Training), and the discussion booklet designed to facilitate discussion throughout the training content.

To acknowledged the group training as completed, you can then login to your administration portal and manually mark trainee’s training as completed. To do this, navigate to ‘People’ and select ‘People List’ from the drop down menu. From the people list, individually select the trainee profiles of those attended the group training. Within their profile, navigate to ‘Course Progress’ and select ‘Mark as complete’. Ensure that ‘Member Awareness Course’ is selected in the dialog box and set the date to when the group training was completed.

Repeat this process for all group training attendees.

Group training at a ‘Volunteer / Leader’ level or higher is possible, however, due to the screening that comes with more comprehensive training, it will look slightly different to running the Members Awareness Course as a group.

In order to run any training higher than ‘Member Awareness’ in a group setting, there are a few things that need to be ensured:

Before the training session:

  • Ensure that the trainee type of the person running the training is set to the level of training to be completed by the group (for example, Volunteer/Leader if you wish to run the Volunteer/Leader course). You can do this by navigating to ‘Trainee Type’ under ‘General Details’ within a trainee’s profile, and selecting the desired training level from the drop down menu;

  • Ensure all attendees have their trainee type set to the level of training to be completed (For example, Volunteer/Leader if you are running the Volunteer/Leader course. You can set the trainee type in trainee profiles under ‘general details‘).

On the day:

  • Have the person running the training log in to their trainee account and display the training course found under ‘My Safe Training’, rather than the Members Awareness group training found at the bottom of their profile;
  • There are two ways you can facilitate group training on the day:
  1. One way is to ensure attending trainees are logged into their training profile and have them follow along on their personal devices (with the training videos muted) to complete training questions and screening as they go.
  2. The other way is to play the videos to a group of people and then mark them as having completed the training manually in the trainees account settings. However, the trainees will need to access their account on their phone or other devices to complete their screening. They can do this via their training portal, under ‘My Safe Ministry Checks’. They will need to address the
    1. ‘My Code of Conduct’;
    2. ‘My Declarations’;
    3. ‘My Character Referees’;
    4. ‘My NSW Working with Children Check’.