New training videos for your whole community

Safe Ministry Training has been helping churches establish safe ministries for over five years and over the years we have learnt that having a safe ministry is much more than just training kids leaders in child protection.  To have a safe ministry the whole church community needs to be involved in looking out for vulnerable people.  Safe Ministry Training online in partnership with Ansvar Risk Management, Australia’s leading insurer of faith organisations, has developed a new, comprehensive system for helping churches and ministries create safe cultures for children and adults.


Firstly, we have made four new training videos targeted at different groups in your ministry.  Awareness training is for your whole community raising awareness to help them become a safe community that looks out for and speaks up for vulnerable people.  Leaders training is for your volunteers who lead a group of children or adults and covers safe behaviour, safe environments and how to respond and speak up appropriately when harm is disclosed. The Supervisors course, for your leaders of leaders, covers how to consider safety for teams, in program development and in recruiting volunteers.  Together with the free Board Members course these courses train your whole community to be looking out for each other and to speak up.


To support the training Safe Ministry Training also includes an online management system to keep track of your volunteers training status, automatic referee validation via email, automatic WWCC validation (VIC, WA, QLD and TAS), weekly trainee progress summary emails, automatic reminder emails sent to trainees and templates for safe ministry policies, leaders code of conduct and an incident management process.


Safe Ministry Training is far more than just training.  It provides a tried and tested, effective structure, backed by Ansvar Risk Management, to help make your ministry a safe place for the children and adults in your community.


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