The CHECK in Safe Ministry Check

At Safe Ministry Check we want to give you more time with people, so we take care of the hassle of compliance for you. Keeping up with all that your insurance company requires can be tricky; that’s why we’ve developed an automated system that checks your volunteers for you.

Here are the checks that our system can run on your volunteers:

Working with Children Check


The first and most important check is the Working with Children Check, and our system checks this for each state according to their requirements. As you put your trainees in the system, it checks for the following:

  • Will they be working with children in your organisation?
  • Are they old enough (or nearly old enough) to require a WWCC?
  • Have they provided a WWCC number or not? Have they provided a WWCC expiry date?
  • Is the status CLEARED, ERROR or is it still PENDING?
  • Is it their WWCC expired (or about to expire)?
  • If they have a WWCC Photo Card; have they provided it and has it been sighted and approved?
  • If the organisation need to do any paperwork, has it been completed?

Police Check

If you have selected to have your Staff/Board Member (or Team Leader) require Police Checks, the system will email them a link to complete that process. The elements of our system will check:

  • Do they need to complete a current Police Check?
  • Has the Police Check expired (or is it about to expire)?

Referee Responses

It is recommended that all volunteers have two referees who can verify their character. Our system automates this process for you, sending an online referee request to the nominated referees and records their responses. It then checks:

  • Has the person provided two referees to the system?
  • Have either of the Referees failed to provide a response?
  • Have either of the Referees raised a concern?
  • Are the referee responses all cleared?


Ansvar Risk recommends asking volunteers to make a personal disclosure about any previous instance where they have engaged in inappropriate behaviour towards children or vulnerable adults. They also recommend having volunteers sign a Code of Conduct. Our system automates this for you, and checks:

  • Have they provided a self-disclosure response?
  • Does their self-disclosure response need approval?
  • Have they completed the Code of Conduct?

Training Courses

Depending on the persons’ level in your ministry organisation, they will be required to have completed all the relevant courses, and at least one of them in the past 12 months (or longer if you have specified a longer period).

  • Have they completed their required level of Safe Ministry Training?
  • Has their course status expired?
  • Is their course status about to expire?


If you are using the Database Syncing tools, the system will also check:

  • Is there some issue with syncing this person with your Church management system?

So let us take care of the hassle of compliance for you, so you can spend more time with people.