The Code of Conduct

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct lays out the commitments your leaders and volunteers should make before they represent your church. Trainees check off that they agree with the principles, values, and behaviours outlined in the Code of Conduct and so will act accordingly and be held accountable to them.

Why is it important?

The Code of Conduct is an essential part of developing and promoting a safe church culture. It is important as it outlines the core commitments expected from leaders and volunteers who represent your church and the commitments to which they will be held accountable. Making a record of a person’s commitment is also useful to refer back to if there is an incident or dispute about appropriate behaviour.

How Safe Ministry Check helps:

  • At the end of a trainees Safe Ministry Check training they are shown the church or organisations Code of Conduct and asked to agree to it;
  • Your church/organisations Code of Conduct can be found in your account settings where we have provided a template Code of Conduct which can be personalised to your unique ministry needs;
  • Safe Ministry Check records the trainee’s response and admins can access this through the trainee profiles;
  • Admins can also edit the trainee’s response to the Code of Conduct which is helpful when running group training; and
  • We automatically put a link to your Code of Conduct onto your Public Commitments Page which means all your Safe Ministry information and documents are accessible to the public and your members in one place.

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