Useful Child Safety Resources from the National Office of Child Safety

Here at Safe Ministry Check, we are committed to assisting your organisation in building a culture of safe ministry within your community and meeting your compliance requirements through our training and screening. While it’s your responsibility to be educated in understanding how to appropriately manage child safety risks, we are committed to supporting and assisting this process however we can. Here are some Child Safety resources available through the National Office of Child Safety that we wanted to share as you seek to grow in your knowledge and understanding of how to foster safe ministries in your communities.

These resources from the National Office of Child Safety are clear and informative and for organisations across Australia. These resources are created to align with and support the implementation of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. They assist organisations in developing risk management practices to safeguard children and young people from harm.

The resources developed include:

Child Safety Risk Management Guide (Guide):

The Guide explains the steps that organisations of varying risk maturities should take to embed child safety risk management.

Child Safety Risk Identification Checklist (Checklist):

The Checklist provides examples of risks related to the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organizations and suggests ways to mitigate these risks. It acts as an environmental scan to guide organizations in identifying relevant risks, drawing out gaps in their current child safety practices, and identifying actions required to manage risks better.

Child Safety Monitoring, Reviewing, and Reporting Quick Reference Guide (QRG):

The QRG aims to provide concise and convenient guidance regarding child safety risk monitoring, reviewing, and reporting.

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