Who Should You Be Training?

In short, everyone!

When we consider safe ministry training, our minds often gravitate towards kids’ ministry and those actively serving in that capacity. However, the term ‘vulnerable people’ extends far beyond those under the age of 18.

There is a spectrum of ages, circumstances, and contexts that categorise someone as vulnerable. Picture the young man with chronic mental health struggles in your Bible study group, the elderly widow relying on lifts to attend seniors’ ministry events, or the new young refugee woman who joined you last Sunday. The truth is, as many vulnerable individuals could be present in the congregation during a Sunday sermon as there are in the crèche.

At Safe Ministry Check, our vision is clear – to assist organisations in fostering a culture of safe ministry for all vulnerable people.

To achieve this culture, we firmly believe that everyone needs to be on board. Each person must be aware of what to look out for, understand how to respond if concerns arise, and be equipped with the knowledge of how to protect the vulnerable in our communities.

This is why, at Safe Ministry Check, we offer four distinct levels of training. Whether you’re serving behind the scenes on a Sunday or are a vital member of the staff in your organisation, our training caters to your unique roles and responsibilities. It’s about empowering everyone to contribute to the creation of a safe ministry culture in their community.

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