Common Fixes for WWCC Validation Issues

One of the great aspects of the Safe Ministry Check system is the automated WWCC validation. We get inquiries from time to time about why automation hasn’t worked properly, and so we’ve compiled some of our common issues to provide a quick resource to help you resolve any issues you might be having. We’ve put some common issues for all states, and then listed issues for particular states with common issues.

All States

When trying to resolve issues with WWCC validation, there a few things worth checking first to make sure that everything is in order.

Auto Screening Options.
It’s important to check whether your auto screening options are set up properly. It’s important to make sure your automated validation is set to “Yes” to make sure your validation is happening.

It’s common to see typos from people entering their WWCC details. The other issue we see commonly, particularly with Elvanto Syncing, is nicknames or typos in names causing validation issues in different states. It’s important to confirm all details, including WWCC and Expiry date when validation issues occur.

Queensland Specific Issues

  1. Blue Card Exemption

    Cause: A common issue for people’s BlueCards not coming through as validated is due to a confusion between BlueCards and Blue Card exemptions during the screening process. When people are asked whether they’ll be working with children, they’re presented with three options; “Yes”, “No”, and “Yes – I Have a Bluecard Exemption Card”. Bluecard exemption cards are not regular bluecards. They’re usually held by people in occupations with regular work with children, e.g. Teachers. Sometimes, in confusion from seeing the word “Bluecard”, people click the wrong option, rather than clicking “Yes”
    Solution: Go to the “WWCC Details” section of a person’s profile. Change the top box option from “Yes – I Have a Bluecard Exemption Card” to “Yes” and click save. Then click the re-do online check button.
  2. Bluecard Names
    Cause: The Blue Card validation website requires three pieces of information to validate Blue Cards; Name, Bluecard Number, and Expiry Date. If one piece of this information is entered incorrectly into the BlueCard Validation page, it will return a negative result. The information has to 100% reflect the information on the Blue Card, otherwise it won’t be validated.
    Solution: Go to the “WWCC Details” section of a person’s profile. Make sure all details on the page are exactly the same as a person’s Blue Card. You might require a photo of the person’s Bluecard to make sure you have all the details.

NSW Specific Issues

  1. WWCC Validation Login Details Are Not Available

    : NSW WWCC Validation requires organisations who are validating working with children check details to have an account for validation. This means that to do your automated checking through the Safe Ministry Check tool, you need to have your login details confirmed in our system.
    Solution: You can find out more through this post here.
  2. Details Are Incorrect

    Cause: The details associated with the WWCC may be incorrect in SMC. For example, the WWCC number may be incorrect, the DOB may be incorrect, or the name may have the incorrect spelling. Another situation is with people who have changed their name, but not updated their WWCC record (i.e Married name is being used to do the training, but WWCC record is under maiden name).
    Solution: Check details with the person whose WWCC you’re validating and correct them on the SMC system. If you’re still having trouble, you might need to have the person contact the Office of the Children’s Guardian to make sure all their details are correct on the NSW Government’s system.

If you’ve tried the above and you’re still having issues, get in contact with us by sending your church name and the name of the trainee you’re trying to verify to